died at the age of ten in 1484. The memorial to the young prince in the parish church at Sheriff Hutton,, near York,, whose castle was one of Richard great strongholds,, provides perhaps the most intriguing suggestion that Richard III retained a sense of dynastic commitment to York and its region. Royal Mausolea before the Reformation Westminster Abbey became the assumed place of Royal burial from Henry III in 1272 to Henry V in 1422,, though there were exceptions. Richard III older brother,, Edward IV,, established the tradition of burial at Windsor,, by rebuilding St George Chapel and thus creating a fitting space for royal funerals and memorials. English kings are sometimes known to have made fanciful declarations of intent about place of burial though there is only positive evidence if the monarch left a will or had made definitive provision for burial in his own lifetime. Deposed kings and those killed in battle were usually buried in an abbey or friary close to the place of death,, or in another church under special
communicates the company s goals, highlights how they plan to achieve those goals,, and shows how consumers will benefit from the company s products or services. Preparing a business plan serves two important functions: First,, it guides the company operations and outlines a strategy for turning an idea into a reality. And second,, it helps persuade lenders and investors to finance your business. Although a business plan has a simple and straightforward purpose,, it still requires a great deal of thought. For example before you open your doors,, you have to make important decisions about personnel,, marketing,, facilities,, suppliers,, and distribution. A written business plan forces you to think about those issues and develop programs that will help you succeed. If you are starting out on a small scale and using you own money,, you business plan may be relatively informal. But at a minimum,, you should describe the basic concept of the business and outline its specific goals,, objectives and resource requirements. A formal

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