Marianna Kennedy 

An exhibition at the Padiglione d‘Arte
at the Fondazione Luigi Rovati, Milano
April 12 – May 21, 2023 

The idea of the Hortus Alchemicus series of six bronze mirrors derived from my interest in patination – and particularly in fire gilding, an ancient technique with its origins in alchemy.

I love the quality of traditional materials and am always drawn to them when thinking of new works in terms of technique. The patinas of early Etruscan, Greek and Roman bronzes, Venetian glass and mirrors – the feel of these materials is so special. They have been perfected over time and it is important to keep them alive.

My way of working involves a constant search for renewal – understanding the poetic quality of craftsmanship and the pleasure of making things well, creating beauty layer by layer. The past is always new…or rather, we are new to the past and it is new to us.

Marianna Kennedy

Enrico Fiorese 

Giovanni de Sandre per Fondazione Luigi Rovati