Flashlight Tag Light Sensitive Badges

Flashlight Tag Light Sensitive Badges : Flashlight Tag Light Sensitive Badges Flashlight tag is a beloved kid’s game, and I always love to throw a new spin on an old classic. It is a basic 555 timer circuit in monostable mode. This will help hold them in place while you heat shrink them. Fold each of them in half. If you are using the same PCB, you can just copy my layout. Be careful to avoid making contact with the circuit. This will let the light through and show off your circuitry. Start by folding it in half. There are of course, any number of other application.Here is the circuit that I designed. It is a basic 555 timer circuit in monostable mode. In this configuration the IC sends one pulse to the buzzer every time pin 2 is brought low (below 1/3 the supply voltage). The length of that pulse is determined by the values of the resistor between pins 7 and 8 (in this case, the 1M resistor) and the capacitor. Increasing the value of either of these components will increase the length of the pulse and reducing either value will shorten the pulse.There are a wide variety of the CdS photoresistors and the manufacturing tolerances vary wildly. The one that I used had a range of 3K when well lit to 30K when dark. Depending on the photoresistor that you use, you may need to change the value of the resistor between pins 2 and 4 (the 10K resistor). In order to activate the timer, this resistor must have a resistance at least two times larger than the photoresistor when it is illuminated. Adjusting the value of this resistor will also change how sensitive the sensor is. I recommend trying out several values before soldering the circuit together.
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