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Used in: Bruschetta, Sandwiches, Fondues, etcWhat makes less sense is why, in a movie that’s chock full of quotable nuggets, they chose “McLovin, sounds like a sexy hamburger!” to be the one line that turned up in the trailer that bragged about quotability)4″So if I wear this, I can watch Game of Thrones?”When asked at CES, a Sony rep told Cracked that only one of their new HDTVs will be compatible with Dolby VisionEurope flights: Most trans Atlantic routes offer lower spring fares through May 12 or 13, but if you fly on the 14th, watch peak summer rates kick in You should not be able to access your savings via an ATM card, for example

Just like Ex Lax is a laxative and comes in a chocolate flavor because of the magnesium in chocolate Two spa hotels are built around these springs the French Lick Springs Hotel and the West Baden Springs Hotel and at either you can soak in the mineral springs in the spa areas for $40 That’s a good sign You finally reach your place of work and hop in the elevator Think what your ancestors who were stuck with Gilgamesh and maybe a couple of lesser heroes would think about the first Avengers movie alone tons of super interesting characters doing amazing things, all crammed in the span of a couple of hours Having everyone like them is a trick they used to become boss in the first place

Liverpool came into their game against West Ham on a high after an impressive display against Arsenal, but were left reeling as Slaven Bilic’s side picked up a fine win Titties are post scarcity “For your partner, quite possibly, he may want to solidify your commitment to ensure you are not going to be harmed by critical family members And I’d be shocked if my dick isn’t on the Internet somewhere”Back when physical CDs were a thing, we had this shit handled with basic liner notes registering for the school

“Watch your Cleveland Browns on the Cleveland Browns of televisions!”5 Reasons You’ll Love 296 Summer St in SomervilleHave you been shut out thus far in the red hot Somerville market? Fear not intrepid buyers, 296 Summer St 1 is here to represent real value in a scorching marketFrozen Yogurt AddictionIf you’d told me a month ago I was going to be addicted to frozen yogurt, I would have said you were crazyGo Through Sporting Goods/EquipmentGo through your sporting goods and clear out all broken games, rackets, etc You may not see the sage or oregano in a sauce, but you should be able to smell them since they are pretty fragrant herbs”Fans of the show have known for a while that Walt’s partner in crime, Jesse Pinkman, was originally slated to die at the end of the first seasonIt sucked for the students, but your teachers had a valid justification for kick starting the premature graying of your hair: Without giving you a huge cumulative test, there’d be no way to make sure any useful knowledge made it into your head alongside all those Pokemon stats and Power Rangers sexual fantasies

“The train bombing turned out to be the biggest sabotage by any non military unit in the war, killing 300 soldiers, 150 officers and even a general”OK, that’s a good start If this is too much for your body, you can slightly bend your kneesThe other 60 subjects, meanwhile, were put in a waiting room along with two people in on the experiment one white, one black “Breast Feeding Always Works if You Try Hard Enough!”It’s always this perfectBut despite having some 65million of midfield talent in reserve the Real boss plumped for a centre back, Sergio Ramos, as his middle of the park destroyer
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In the coming months and years we look forward to working with many of them, and to expanding knewton offices to other continents

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