A car or a haven The quiet interior,, silky smooth ride and roomy,, upscale environment of this flagship Lexus make it more of a haven from the stresses of the day than an automobile. Heck,, the LS 460 doesn even have to be moving for a driver and passenger to begin to feel tension dissipating. High tech features such as navigation system,, Bluetooth hands free phone connectivity and a subscription free suite of apps come standard. So does a center console mounted,, mouse like device that moves a cursor on a big,, high resolution,, 12.3 inch display screen to activate and control settings. But the LS 460 is just as pleasant perhaps more so when the world of phone calls and finding a destination is muted and the Lexus Mark Levinson 19 speaker surround audio system plays. Best of all,, the LS 460 is a recommended buy of Consumer Reports,, and predicted reliability is rated better than average. Power and Associates annual Dependability Study,, where owners of 3 year old cars reported nary any problems with their Lexus models
Articles about Fraternity Brothers The accident occurred early Friday on a two lane road on this Gulf Coast resort island. Killed were James J. ARTICLES BY DATELetters to the editor: ‘Rapebait’ responsibility October 15,, 2013 ‘Rapebait’ responsibility Regarding Darryl Owens ‘ column " ‘Rapebait’ email shows ugly side of frat culture" in Monday’s Sentinel: I agree with the horrific nature of the email he described,, in which a fraternity member communicated with his fraternity brothers about the "tried and true" methods of seducing a female. I was an officer in a prominent social fraternity more than 40 years ago at my Midwest alma mater. Late one evening,, several of my fraternity brothers returned to our house with an inebriated young woman. Though FAMU already has a firm policy against the practice band members are forced to sign an anti hazing pledge,, scores have been suspended through the years and others have been arrested recently it has become clear that a lot more must be done to root

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