a car that cooks tea Nissan and Mitsubishi say their electric cars can be used for more than just going to the grocery store. Soon,, the battery powered vehicles may also help owners cook dinner during a blackout.Mitsubishi is working to increase the 100 watt discharge capacity of its i MiEV electric car,, which can already power small gadgets such as mobile phones with the use of an optional accessory,, to 1500 watts.At that level,, "you’d be able to power a rice cooker or a microwave,," said Yoshikazu Nakamura,, head of the company’s electric vehicle business.The electricity shortage that caused rolling blackouts in Tokyo after an earthquake knocked out nuclear reactors in March is highlighting the usefulness of electric car batteries as back up power sources,, according to Nissan and Mitsubishi,, the world’s two biggest makers of such vehicles.Toyota has also jumped on board. Next year,, Toyota will start offering AC electric outlets as an option on its popular Prius hybrid in Japan so drivers can plug in
same string of cars could go around the massive country borders twice and then some. 3. A stack of the 24,,904 recalled 2012 Chevrolet Sonics would reach outer space. If you stacked these cars up bumper to bumper,, you cross the K line,, the altitude of 100 km (62 miles) above sea level that divides the Earth atmosphere from outer space. Stack all of GM 2014 recalled cars and you be halfway to the moon,, which is 384,,403 km away. NASA,, call your office. 4. The longest time between recalls hasn even been longer than the World Cup. The longest stretch between separate GM recalls this year was between February 25 and March 17 less than one month. The World Cup runs from June 12 to July 13 a month and one day. The shortest time between recalls was one day,, between May 13 and May 14. 5. Bill Gates could foot GM recall bill 30 times. The world richest man has a net worth of $76 billion,, which would allow him to cover the $2.5 billion GM has set aside to pay for this year recalls. Kim Kardashian,, whose net worth is around

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