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by mkennedy

Is It Too Soon

The long awaited news came today, Tiger Woods is returning to golf. He will be competing in the Master Tournament in Augusta. Many have to wonder though, is it too soon? Perhaps the question is really,,nba jerseys cheap, should he return at all?

Understand the point is not whether Tiger Woods is an excellent golfer. He is customized nfl jerseys and there will probably not be another one like him in this millennium. He has more money then he knows what to do with, his sex escapades should provide plenty of evidence for that. If he can afford to pay multiple mistresses $10,,nba jerseys cheap,000 and more a month to keep quit and it not impact his lifestyle or his wife intuitive nature he has enough money to take a long enough hiatus from golf to focus on scottie pippen jersey what is important, his recovery and mlb jerseys his family.

Yes, it is true. The jason kidd jersey longer you are away from your game the harder your comeback is, but it not impossible. Michael Jordan comes to mind even Brett Farve, though nfl steve nash jersey throwback jerseys he has never really retired he has had seasons where many wished he had.

But is two months of therapy enough to throw yourself out in the waters again? Unless your recovery is remarkable and you are just asking for trouble, it is obvious by his statements that nba all star jerseys he needs more therapy,nba jerseys cheap, have undergone almost two months of inpatient therapy and I russell westbrook jersey am continuing my treatment. Although I returning to competition, I still have a lot of work brandon knight jersey to do in my personal life. Golf is not going to forget you. Maybe though, you may win a little respect back from your fans and fellow golfers for having the right priorities set and taking care of nhl jersey history what is important. pay someone cheap to write paper for you