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Why Viveik Oberoi didn’t wear Cavalli or Armani,

Whilst the Bollywood contingent in Cannes have been shying away from ethnic wear,
, opting for international high end brands like Armani and Roberto Cavalli instead, one man proved exception to the rule. Viveik Oberoi proudly sported Indian outfits.

“I hated the idea of wearing a suit to Cannes. And since I wanted to promote Omkara, the Indian adaptation of Shakespeare’s Othello, I felt it was appropriate to wear something Indian. It couldn’t have been anything else whilst representing Bollywood,” said Viveik.

Interestingly, the actor’s ex flame Aishwarya Rai was also seen wearing only international creations during her short stint at the festival. And while the actor didn’t want to comment on his former love’s style or the fact that they didn’t come face to face,
, he confessed that he had a blast in Cannes.

“Arjun Khanna (the designer behind his Cannes look) is truly a rock star. I love his sense of style and design.”

As far as Omkara is concerned, he said, “I am really excited by this film and the way it has shaped up, more so because Ajay (Devgan) and me are together after Company and Yuva. Guess it’s going be a third time lucky!”

An ‘original’ faux pas: Whether he was just living up to exaggerated opinions that lace typical Hindi movies or just plain excited, no one knows.

But Viveik Oberoi, who addressed the international press about his forthcoming film Omkara (an adaptation of Shakespeare’s Othello), gushed: “I think Vishalbhai’s Omkara is even better than the original version.” Fortunately,
, while the media (which included many Englishmen) cringed at the comparison, no one decided to make an issue of it!

Bis in die 1970er-jahre hinein hausarbeit war der zustrom der aussiedler allgemein erwünscht

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Luggage Guidelines for Airlines,

Banned Carry On ItemsThe Transportation Security Administration (TSA) makes the rules regarding what items can and cannot be taken on an airplane. Any attempt to negotiate these rules will get you nowhere. Liquid gels and toiletries in containers larger than 3 oz. are not permitted in carry on luggage. Only one small baggie of toiletries is permissible per person. Large bottles of toiletries,
, like shampoo and suntan lotion,
, are only permitted in checked baggage. Lighters are banned in both checked and carry on items.

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?Regulations for Carry On Luggage on Airplane FlightsThe Luggage Allowance for FlightsThe Odds of Losing LuggageThe Luggage Limits for International Air TravelHow to Assess Luggage Linear Dimensions

There’s probably little you can do about this in a corporate or educational environment, but if you’re having this problem with your own home router, see the section later in this article on home network issues

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Manish Shah becomes first South Asian federal judge in Illinois

, May 2 (IANS) Indian American Manish Shah has been confirmed by the US Senate as a federal judge in Illinois, making him the first South Asian federal judge in President Barack Obama’s home state.

Son of immigrants from India, New York born Shah, 40, was confirmed by the Senate by 95 0 votes to be a federal judge in the Chicago based Northern District of Illinois, the fifth most populous state of America.

As chief of the criminal division, Shah is currently responsible for supervising the prosecutions in the district handled by about 130 assistant US attorneys.

“Manish Shah’s stellar record in working with former US attorney Patrick Fitzgerald makes him an outstanding candidate to be the next federal district court judge for Northern Illinois,” Republican Senator Mark Kirk said in a statement.

“His experience as a prosecutor and in various leadership positions at Chicago’s US Attorney’s office will ensure Shah is a knowledgeable jurist who will provide a fair forum for the resolution of civil disputes and the prosecution of alleged crimes,
,” he said.

“Manish Shah has served with distinction as an assistant US attorney, and he will bring a wealth of knowledge and legal acumen to the federal bench in Northern Illinois,” said Illinois’s Democratic Senator Dick Durban.

“He has the experience, qualifications and integrity to serve with distinction on the federal bench. Shah’s nomination is also a historic one,” he said.

“Upon confirmation, he will be the first Article III judge of South Asian descent to serve in the state of Illinois,” Durbin said ahead of the vote.

According to Shah’s bio released by Kirk and Durbin’s offices, his parents emigrated from India and raised their two sons in West Hartford,
, Connecticut.

Shah attended Stanford University and graduated with honours and distinction. He attended the University of Chicago Law School and graduated with honours,

Shah and his wife Joanna Grisinger, who teaches at Northwestern University, currently live in Chicago.

After law school, Shah was a litigation associate at Heller Ehrman in San Francisco and clerked for James B. Zagel of the US District Court for the Northern District of Illinois.

Shah joined the Chicago US Attorney’s office in September 2001 and prosecuted violent crime, international drug trafficking, complex fraud and public corruption.

He was a deputy chief of the general crimes section and the financial crimes and special prosecutions section, and he was the chief of the appellate section.

Daraus resultiert die verwendung von grafit als hochtemperaturfestes ghostwriter gesucht in schmiermittel

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year deal from UAE’s du

TCS will provide support to du in enhancing customer excellence and service delivery levels. “In a dynamic business sector such as telecom we are constantly looking at enhancing customer experience by enhancing our IT operations,” du Chief Human Resources and Shared Officer Fahad Al Hassawi said in a statement.TCS VP and Head Middle East,
, Africa and Mediterranean Girish Ramachandran said, “With our strong global telecom expertise we are committed to delivering service improvement,
, flexibility and predictability to du’s IT,
, which will supports du’s progressive strategy to enhance customer experience.”du launched mobile telecommunications services in February 2007 across UAE. Moreover, the company provides internet and pay TV services in some of the free zones of Dubai.At the end of third quarter of 2010,
, du had a subscriber base of over 4 million users in UAE. UAE Federal Government owns a 39.5 per cent in du, while 19.75 per cent is owned by Mubadala Development Company and 19.5 per cent by Emirates Communications Technology Company LLC. The remaining stake is held by public shareholders.TCS started its operations in the Middle East in 1973. The company claims that Middle East and Africa contribute a significant portion to TCS’s revenue from the developing countries market segment.About usAdvertise with usTerms of Use and Grievance Redressal PolicyPrivacy policyFeedbackLiving and entertainment.

That’s exactly how google’s android has gotten itself into the position it is today by offering devices across the board, with low-end, mid range and high-end devices making sure all tastes are catered for

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INM keeps operating profit at 32

Independent News Media (INM) made an operating profit of 32.7 million in 2013,
, as the group emerged from a major financial restructuring process and pointed to “significant investment in digital” in the year ahead.

Although the operating profit was in line with its performance in 2012, revenues continued to decline last year, dropping 6.6 per cent in 2013 to 322.4 million. However, this was offset by an identical 22.7 million reduction in operating costs, which fell 7.3 per cent to 289.7 million.

INM’s outgoing chief executive Vincent Crowley said the company would seek about 9 million in cost cuts in 2014 under plans code named “Project Quantum”. This will involve a “substantial reduction in the subbing and production costs in our national titles”.

In January, INM announced the closure of the Dublin operation of Real time Editing Design (RE the company to which it outsourced certain sub editing functions, with the loss of 50 jobs.

Print advertising across the group plunged 11.5 per cent to 73.1 million last year,
, while digital advertising grew 12 per cent to 9.3 million.

This meant that total advertising revenues were 9.4 per cent lower at 82.4 million, although the rate of decline moderated over the course of the year.

Advertising revenues have fallen further in 2014, running down 2.8 per cent in the year to date, and Mr Crowley declined to make forecasts for the year as a whole, saying trends in advertising revenues were “too hard to call”,
, with good weeks followed by weeks that were “not so great”.

Circulation revenue fell 4.4 per cent to 107.5 million last year. But the INM chief executive said print newspapers remained “a very strong medium” and continued to be widely read. “I think we, as an industry, need to be more bullish about talking about that,” he said.

“We collectively need to be much more positive about print, because we still deliver huge audiences, week in, week out. That’s the message we’re taking to advertisers and we’re planning to take it more strongly to advertisers,” he said.

“That’s not to be in denial about how people are consuming news through different channels.”

A recently launched iPad app for the Irish Independent and Sunday Independent is “the beginning of our process to monetise digital content”, Mr Crowley added. The group is still learning about users’ propensity to pay, he said, and plans to change the pricing structure on the iPad edition.

He declined to specify how many people were paying for the iPad edition, suggesting it was “early days”. However,
, users appear to favour its seven day package rather than buying one off digital editions, he said.

Mr Crowley hailed the “truly transformational change” in its balance sheet in 2014. The company, which counts Denis O’Brien and Dermot Desmond as its largest shareholders, saw its net debt reduced by 327 million to 95.3 million last year, following the sale of its South African division, debt forgiveness from its lenders and a capital raising exercise.

The process to find a new chief executive is “well underway”, said Mr Crowley, who joined INM in 1990 and became its chief executive in 2012 following the departure of Gavin O’Reilly.

In other words, tell them what you’re going to tell them

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says MP Lammy From The Argus

Nigel Farage is a racist, Labour MP David Lammy claimed today in a departure from remarks made by his party leader Ed Miliband.

Shadow home secretary Yvette Cooper has also referred to Mr Farage’s comments as racist, while senior MP Dianne Abbott has said she is “glad everybody has stopped pussyfooting around”.

Mr Miliband condemned the racial slur as “completely out of order” but said politics was “disagreeable enough without political leaders saying about other political leaders ‘they are a racist'”.

Prime Minister David Cameron has also stopped short of saying the Ukip leader was racist, despite describing his remarks as “pretty unpleasant”.

Mr Farage has faced a storm of criticism following an interview on LBC radio last week where he suggested there was a difference between how people should feel if Romanian or German people moved in next door.

Ukip took out a full page advert in the Daily Telegraph, forming an open letter to the British public insisting it was not a racist party.

But speaking on the BBC 2 Daily Politics programme, black MP Mr Lammy rejected the assertion.

He said: “I am from a background where my parents arrived here as immigrants. I remember a context in which some people said you don’t want these people living next to you. That was racist.

“What Nigel Farage said over the weekend was racist, so I’m clear, he’s a racist.

“‘He is leader of a national party. He should not be slurring whole communities of Romanians who come to this country and describing them as somehow bandits, criminal. It’s deeply, deeply nasty.

‘We must take that kind of slur extremely seriously, that’s the bottom line.”

Ms Cooper told ITV: “It’s not racist to be worried about immigration or to want stronger controls, but it is racist to somehow stir up fears about Romanians living next door. So Ukip should say they were wrong on that.”

Ms Abbott, a former shadow health minister, told the Guardian “his remarks were racist” and she was “glad everybody has stopped pussyfooting around”.

In a BBC interview earlier, Mr Cameron said: “I think he has said in recent days some really pretty unpleasant things and he has even himself had to admit he got it wrong.

“I will leave others to judge but what I have heard from some of the candidates, some of the donors to the party is a succession of pretty appalling things.

“I would just say to people look, what we need in Britain is not the politics of anger, we need the politics of the answer how do we get migration better under control,
, how do we reform our welfare, how do we get the relationship right with Europe.

“I am offering solutions, I am offering a plan, a plan that is working with our economy, and people should veer away from some of these statements.”

Labour leader Ed Miliband described Mr Farage’s original comment on Friday as a racial slur that was “completely out of order”.

Mr Miliband said he could understand why people supported Ukip because they are not happy with the political system, but he stressed Mr Farage’s party do not have the solutions.

He told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme: “I think, though, our politics is sort of disagreeable enough without political leaders saying about other political leaders ‘they are a racist’.

“I think it was deeply offensive, I think it was wrong what he said.”

In its newspaper advert, Ukip insisted it was not racist but repeated its warning about the risk posed by organised criminal gangs from Romania.

Mr Farage said his comments about people being right to be concerned if a group of Romanian men moved in next door had caused a “predictable storm of protest and accusations of racism”,

The Ukip leader initially stood by his remarks, which came during a bruising interview with LBC, but last night he said: “Do you know what, in life sometimes people get things wrong.”

He told BBC News: “I regret the fact that I was completely tired out and I didn’t use the form of words in response that I would have liked to have used,

“I should have just hit back immediately and said: ‘Look,
, understand there is a real problem here you can’t deny it too much criminality from these gangs has come to London’.”

In an advertisement in The Daily Telegraph taking the form of an open letter from Mr Farage, the Ukip leader said: “Let me be clear Ukip is not a racist party, and our immigration policy, far from being racist, aims to end discrimination against non Europeans.

“The vast majority of Romanians who have come to the UK wish to better their lives and would make good neighbours.

“But there is a real problem, an unpalatable truth that our political class would rather not discuss. Since the welcome fall of Communism and the awful dictator Ceausescu, Romania has struggled to complete a full transition into a western democracy.”

Damit war hausarbeit praxisanleiter der beweis erbracht, dass eine kettenreaktion technisch realisierbar ist

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When a valid passport isn’t so valid

Just because your passport hasn’t expired doesn’t mean you can use it. None of it mattered.

“But my passport isn’t expired,
. It has five months left on it and I’m only going for two!”

“Unfortunately Thailand requires all visitors to have a minimum six months remaining on their passport to allow you into the country.”

Every other dotted I and crossed T became irrelevant as Leanna McMillan and Heather Douglas’ trip ended before it began. Had they made it to Thailand McMillan might’ve been able to bribe a border guard but not here. This Air Canada employee was not about to subject her airline to the penalties associated with delivering a valid but circumstantially expired passport on Thailand’s doorstep. McMillan was officially stuck. Without much option,
, Douglas continued on the 12,
,000 km journey alone not knowing when, or if, her friend would be joining her.

For the uninitiated traveller some passport rules are discovered at the worst times. Here are a few tips on avoiding this and other lesser known issues:

“Date of expiry” is a subjective term Common examples of countries that require six months of remaining passport life include: Thailand, Brazil, China, Ecuador, Indonesia, Denmark and Fiji among several others.

Terminal changes can terminate trips Don’t stop your research at the rules of your destination. A simple airport terminal change in a connecting country could subject you to a whole new set of regulations.

Know how to count backwards and forewords Some countries start counting the six months when you enter the country while others require six months from your date of departure. coming home) While a grey area at many border crossings, some countries will require you to have at least two blank pages left in your passport. Passport Canada can double your pages, to 48, at renewal for an extra $5. customs and an Israeli stamp can cause delays in the Middle East. Ask guards to skip the ink in these places. The quickest turnaround times are available between June and November. Emergency services are available but they’ll cost you upwards of $70 plus other applicable fees and proof of your emergency is needed.

Renew even if you don’t have travel plans Passport Canada has a very streamlined process called the Simplified renewal. Miss your expiry date by a year and you’ll have to go through a much longer process.

, baby needs a passport It doesn’t matter what the age, everyone needs a passport to travel internationally. It may surprise you to learn that it’s not just to stop baby terrorists but also to curb child slavery and trafficking. Fees and requirements are significantly lower, however.

As for our unwitting pair? They were eventually reunited on the streets of Bangkok and set off to explore South East Asia knowing that their passport troubles were behind them. That is, of course, until McMillan lost hers at the Vietnam border.

Ich teile auch nicht ihren optimismus, dass die schulen die neuen herausforderungen bewältigen werden

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Natural Solutions for Healthy Hair

In today’s world, your hair really can make a statement. Hollywood bigwigs and recording artists are known for changing their hairstyles and hair color almost as often as regular folks change their underwear. And, hot trends and style when it comes to hair today range from straight and sleek,
, to outrageous and curly. Braids, interesting hair cuts and unusual, even punky styles are making a huge comeback in everyday life. Whether you go to the mall or to the average United States high school, it is evident that hair is another form of self expression and personal creative art.

The problem is that the excessive styles that have become normal today, can also be hazardous to your hair and scalp. And considering that the average shampoo today include petroleum based polymers, silicones, synthetic chemicals and colorants that can cause scalp irritation, dandruff or even hair loss, it seems only natural that you should learn how to care for your hair. After all, healthy hair is beautiful hair no matter what style or color you use.

Keep in mind, that in addition to the chemicals your hair is exposed to through styling products and every day shampoos, your hair is also full of toxins that come from your body. This is precisely why today many drug tests are given as hair follicle testing. The hair follicles retain (just like the skin) nearly every chemical both internal and external that you are exposed to over time. For this reason, many hair experts recommend giving yourself a hair detox at least once every three months. The hair detox helps to rid your hair follicles of excessive toxins and exposure to harmful chemicals that are standard with today’s styling products and shampoos. The good news is that a hair detox is extremely easy to do, and helps to strengthen the hair follicle, making it stronger and more resistant to breakage.

The following are three simple hair detoxes. Remember, it is NOT recommended to do these every day and you should instead follow a 30 or 90 day schedule based on how much product and color you use on your hair. Additionally, these hair detoxes will affect the color of your hair as they strip away unnatural chemicals used in processing. For this reason, if you color your hair it is recommended that you perform these natural hair detoxes just prior to coloring.

The first hair detox involves filling up a bathtub with 1 cup of sea salt, I cup of Apple Cider Vinegar and 2 cups of baking soda. When the mixture has been dissolved, simply lie down in the mixture and allow it to penetrate your hair. Since this method is highly diluted, it is safer to perform every other week without adverse side effects. Plus, this is extremely healthy for your skin as well.

The second hair detox is to use a 100% organic shampoo and mix it into a paste with baking soda. Coat the hair and allow it to sit for a few minutes, then rinse and condition as normal. You may have to rinse a few extra times. Since organic shampoo is much more costly than regular shampoo,
, save the organic product for your hair detoxing day.

Last but certainly not least is to use a Clay Mask (purchased at a local drug store) and the same organic shampoo as above,
, mixed into a paste to wash your hair following the same steps as in number 2.

Another way to keep your hair healthy is to use herbal remedies. One of the most popular for healthy hair is rosemary. Simply boil the rosemary leaves and then wash your hair with the rosemary broth. Horsetail is another great way to strengthen your hair naturally. Simply boil the horsetail in cup of water and then mix the water with your favorite baby shampoo (which has fewer chemicals) and wash your hair as normal,
. Aloe and marigold are also fabulous for healthy hair.

You should also understand that taking supplements orally which are high in Vitamin A, H, B2, and iodine are great ways to supplement your hair health. You can also eat foods that are rich in these vitamins and minerals. Many women experience amazing hair quality when taking prenatal vitamins, which are power packed with everything you need for healthy hair and scalp.

Last but not least, do not under estimate the styling tools that you use to heat style your hair. They are NOT all created equal. Since straighteners and irons have become so popular today, many people are damaging their hair by using cheap tools that don’t protect the hair shaft. You might have to pay a little extra for a better styling tool, but in the long run it will be the best way to keep your hair healthy.

By building a strong case proving there’s an existing, underserved audience for your book who can’t wait to buy it, you’ll have a write me an essay better chance of capturing an agent’s interest